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Yellow Flower has been a family owned business for over 20 years. Our focus is to provide delicious, healthy and affordable food in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The Yellow Flower has been a social hub of the Suffolk Park community for many years, providing a unique dining experience for locals and travellers alike.

We are famous for our ''Cheap Tuesday'', where you can buy curries at a bargain price, but you'd better come in early because the crowd is often lined up down the street for this fantastic deal.

Monday nights we have a music night where you can listen to local musicians as you relax and dine in with us.

We also offer a great ''Family Deal'' and ''Daily Lunch Special'' (Check it on the menu page).

Our friendly staff look forward to seeing you at Yellow Flower and please give us a call if you have any further questions.

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Jemma Dreyer, a local Lennox Heads resident, the owner and her family as a back support has been keeping the restaurant as traditional as the beginning.

GRAEme Olive
GAVIn Mcphail  

Grame is the veteran Chef.

He has been working at the Yellow Flower for 18 years. He can prepare and cook all the meals with his eyes closed. Graeme is a ''spicy lover''.

If you are too, make sure you try his Beef Vindalloo Curry.

Gavin is known as the ''Reggae Chef''.

 If you come around in the morning when Gavin is working he will be playing the best reggae playlists. He reckons it has an extra ''Love Ingredient''. He is passionate about discovering new dishes. Recently, he brought out the Vegan Jackfruit Curry that has been a success.


Coming all the way from Argentina, Martín has been working with us for over 3 years. He is responsible to make sure all the staff are mentored at the workplace in every area including health and safety, also he looks after the food quality control and orders. As a manager, Martín brings harmony to the shop.

11 Clifford Street, Suffolk Park NSW 2481. Tel (02) 6685 9669

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